Books and Series

The Monster Games

Five men stolen during the night. Brought to another world to take part in the Monster Games. They will be hunted, taken, and judged. Used however their captor wishes.


Let the games begin.


Note: Each episode is a self contained story, and while the timelines/storylines overlap, they do not continue outside of their episodes. Each one can be read as a standalone, but they're more fun if read in order. Please be sure to read the trigger warnings in the blurbs, as these books are very taboo.

Always His & Forever Ours

A taboo duet. Book 1, Always His, features a set of twins discovering their kinky sides, and each other. Book 2, Forever Ours, features the same twins, and their older, submissive stepbrother. The books can be read as standalones, and don't have to be read in order. Note: These books were previously published under the name A.T. Brennan. No new content has been added.

Always His:

Two brothers, one secret

Asa: Three years ago, my brother and I lost everything and everyone we’d ever known. It’s been him and me against the world ever since, but lately, things between us are strained. He’s keeping secrets from me, and when I accidentally figure them out, there’s no turning back. Ollie wants me, and I always give my brother what he needs. What we have might not make sense to anyone else, but it works for us, and that’s all I care about. Taking care of Ollie has always made me happy, and watching him come apart as I provide what he craves is everything.

Ollie: Asa and I have always been close. Being twins has created a bond between us that most people can’t understand. He’s my best friend and my other half. We share everything—or at least we did until I started seeing him in a new light. The more I try to fight my desires, the stronger they get. I need Asa in a way that no brother should, and when he figures out what I’ve been hiding, I’m shocked to learn that he wants me too. I’ve always liked it when Asa tells me what to do, and being his good boy is everything.

*Always His is a 62k word gay erotic romance novel featuring a set of twins discovering their kinky sides and each other. If you’re not into twincest, guys getting their freak on in public, voyeurism, domination, dirty talk, and a liberal sprinkling of sweetness mixed in with kink scenes that will make you blush, this isn’t the book for you.


Forever Ours:

Three stepbrothers, one secret.

WEST: Four years ago my Dad remarried and I gained a stepmom and twin stepbrothers. Asa and Oliver are the biggest nerds I’ve ever met. At least that’s what I thought before a drug-fueled party revealed their true colors. No one has ever made me feel the way they do, and as much as I want to fight it, I can’t say no when they pull their good twin, bad twin routine on me.

ASA: Last year my brother and I embarked on a new chapter in our lives. We’re not only identical twins, we’re also lovers, a secret we’ve kept from everyone. That is until we decide to let our stepbrother in on things. West is the perfect balance between submissive and needy, and sharing him with my brother is something I’ll never get tired of. Ollie used to be my entire world, now I have two boys to take care of.

OLLIE: I’ve always known West isn’t who he seems. He might pretend to be the large and in charge guy he’s been groomed to be, but I know the truth. He needs us as much as we need him. Sharing him with my brother, getting to try out a new side of myself is fun, but seeing our big bad stepbrother come apart as we take turns praising and insulting him is everything. So is seeing him fully give in as he lets us use him however we want.

Forever Ours is a 62k word taboo gay erotic romance novel featuring some dominating twins who love to play mind games, their submissive older stepbrother, and a satisfying HEA. If you’re not into twincest, stepbrothers who cross lines, guys getting their freak on in public, or BDSM scenes that will make your screen fog up, this isn’t the book for you.