Bonus Short: Roommate Games

This 1200 word short includes language and situations that are unsuitable for those under 18. It also contains subjects that some people may be sensitive to. Note that it has not been professionally edited. Please proceed with caution.


He was watching me.


I could feel him tracking my every move as I walked into our shared dorm room.


I didn’t bother turning on the light. He’d left the blinds open and there was enough moonlight spilling into the room to see where I was going.


I closed the door with a soft click and stripped my messenger bag off my shoulder, then dropped it onto my desk chair. I didn’t bother looking over at my roommate as I kicked off my shoes.


The room was small enough we could almost touch fingertips if we both lay on our beds with our arms outstretched. There was nothing blocking me from his gaze.


His breathing hitched as I stripped off my hoodie and tossed it aside.


My shirt was next, but I paused before undoing my pants and glanced over my shoulder.


He slammed his eyes closed the moment our gazes met.


So he wanted to play the game, huh?


Fine. I’ll play. I’d had a shitty day, and if letting my roommate watch me jerk it got him off, then why the fuck not.


It was the perfect win-win. I didn’t have to try and squeeze in alone time jerk offs and could do it whenever the mood struck. He got to watch. But that was all he ever did.


He never said a word. Never moved. He just lay there watching me while I pretended he wasn’t.


I reached down to pull off my socks, giving him a better view of my ass. When my socks were discarded, I stood and popped the button on my jeans with one hand. I paused, turned toward him, then lifted my arms in a stretch, twisting at the waist to give him a view of my chest and back as they flexed.


His breathing was fast now.


He was enjoying the show.


I dropped my arms and slowly unzipped my fly, ran my hands over the waistband of the jeans, then tugged the flaps further apart so he could see the top of my briefs.


His gasp was barely audible.


My cock was straining against the material of my briefs, the tip of my leaking cockhead peeking out from the top of the designer waistband.


I’d bet he was staring at it.


I’d always had an exhibitionist streak. I loved being watched. Knowing that my body was turning someone on got me hot. Being on display, knowing that I was getting someone off. That was the ultimate aphrodisiac.


I took my time as I stripped off my jeans, giving him a little bit of a tease as I slowly slid them over the curve of my ass and down my legs.


I kicked them onto the pile of clothes near my hamper and lay down on my bed. I settled on top of my comforter, one hand behind my head and the other on my chest as I stared up at the ceiling.


His breathing was labored. I grinned when he let out the smallest of gasps as I flexed my abs and curled my spine in a gentle thrusting motion.


The move caused more of my cock to poke out from the waistband of my briefs. I rolled my hips a few times to loosen up my back and get comfortable.


And to tease him.


I slowly moved my hand down my chest and to my stomach, taking my time as I skimmed my fingers across my abs, then paused when my fingers were only an inch from my exposed cockhead.


He didn’t disappoint. He was panting, not even trying to hide his reactions. I grinned and slipped my hand under the waistband of my briefs, pulled my cock out, and gave it a lazy stroke, twisting my hand slightly when I got to the head.


The extra friction from going dry sent a zing of pleasure up my spine, and I let out a soft sigh.


This was all part of the game. I pretended he was asleep and jerked it like I was alone. That was the part that got me off. The fact that I was his personal porno. That he wanted to watch me.


I slipped my hand out from under my head and tugged my briefs down until they were resting just below my ass. Now I was free to put both hands on my junk. One slid up and down my shaft, the grip hard and twisting just the way I liked it. The other cupped my balls, gently tugging them away from my body to stave off my orgasm.


I wasn’t ready for it to be over. Not yet.


I arched my back and bit back a moan as I let myself get lost in a fantasy.


My roommate was kneeling in front of me, staring up at me with wide, innocent eyes as I jerked right in front of him. His mouth only inches from my tip.


I wouldn’t have to say anything. I’d just have to look at him and he’d part his lips so I could slip my cock between them and sink into the wet heat of his mouth.


The object of my fantasy was pulling in ragged breaths on the other side of the room, little moans mixing with them to create a pornographic soundtrack


That was different.


I’d never heard him make those sounds before. Not while we’d been playing.


Holy shit.


He was jerking off to me.


With me.


I tightened my grip on my cock and moaned softly. I was fucking close now. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to edge myself with him jerking off only feet away.


I used my thumbed to spread my precum over my cockhead, lubing it up. Deciding to go all in and enjoy the moment, I spit into my hand and quickly returned it to my shaft. The passage was slick and hot, and Jesus Christ I wished it was his ass.


I could picture it. Him on his hands and knees, taking whatever I gave him. He’d beg for it. Need it. Need me.


Giving up all pretenses of teasing him I fucked my fist, lifting my hips as I let go of my balls and pinched my nipple. My thighs tingled as a spark of pain shot up my spine, mixing with the pleasure in the most delicious way.


Then I heard it.


The low grunts coming from the other side of the room morphed into a muffled cry, followed by gasp after quiet gasp.


He came.


Now it was my turn.


My fantasy shifted to a vision of him riding my cock, and that, coupled with the knowledge that he’d just gotten off to me in real time, collided, and I was hit with a wave of pleasure so strong my toes curled.


I gasped, then cried out softly, spilling over my hand as I came hard enough to see stars.


My entire body tingled, my limbs heavy as I lay there, basking in the afterglow.


I liked this new development.


I glanced over at my roommate with a grin. It was funny that we kinda sounded the same when we came.


He was staring at me. His eyes glassy as a goofy smile tilted his lips. He was completely blissed out, and I couldn’t resist teasing him.


“Did you enjoy the show, little brother?”